This is the covenant we solemnly enter into in the fear of God, humbly imploring the Divine assistance and blessings of our God, that we may build up and establish to the Glory of God, the advancement of the Redeemer’s Kingdom and the comfort and edification of our souls, the infinite riches of free grace which is in Christ Jesus our Lord amen. And now to the only wise God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost be worship and honor and obedience and glory rendered now and ever more, amen.

These are the names of the members applying to be constituted a church in the place first written:

Jessey Fletcher Elizabeth Fletcher

Caleb O’Dell Rachel O’Dell

Smith Hutchens Elizabeth Hutchens

Nehemiah O’Dell         Jane Turner

John Hutchens Mary O’Dell

John Turner Patsy Turnage

John Clevenger Nancy Chapman

Lucy Woods.

We, the undersigned, do certify that we, on the third day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty four, constitute the above named persons a church of Jesus Christ upon the faith of the Fishing River Church, they having no articles written. Done at the house of John Turner in Ray County, Missouri, on the day and date above mentioned.

(signed) James Williams

William Turnage